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Gladys Esther White was born March 24, 1919, just after the official end of World War I.  She was born in the Talbott-Kansas community of Jefferson County, Tennessee.  She married J.D. Horner, raised a family, and remained a part of this community before becoming a resident of Jefferson Park in 2020. After being left a widow in 1977, she was able to live independently on her own, until her late nineties.  Prior to her move to Jefferson Park, Gladys was a regular attendee of Mansfield Gap Baptist Church, who hosted her 100th birthday party.
Over the last century, Gladys has been a part of and witness to history as it was written.  She and her family lived through the Great Depression.  She saw her friends and family go off to war when the US entered World War II and was witness to the Cold War that followed.  She watched as the country mourned the assassination of its President in 1963.  She knew young men who were killed in Vietnam.  She was around when man walked on the moon.  She was here to say goodbye to the 20th century and welcome the 21st century.  When Gladys was born in 1919, Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States.  Since then, Gladys has seen 18 more individuals hold the office of President.

In addition to historical events, Gladys has seen and enjoyed so many advances in technology and industry.  She can remember electricity and inside plumbing coming into her home.  She can remember the first car. She can remember the first TV set, then the color one.  She can remember the first telephone.  And there were so many great kitchen appliances!  Gladys loved to cook for her family and herself.  She loved harvesting and preserving food from the family garden; so, having the first refrigerator, an electric cook stove, a pressure cooker, a mixer, and other gadgets were special times for her!

Regarding family, she and her husband had two children, a son and a daughter.  They saw these two children grow up, marry and bless them with 3 grandchildren.  As time passed, Gladys greeted 3 great grandchildren to the family.  In recent years, she has seen 3 great great grandchildren arrive!  She’s attended family weddings, family reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. and sadly, some funerals along life’s path, but she continues to enjoy her family and friends.

Her family has been blessed to have her for so many years and want to wish her much love and happiness on her 105th birthday!!!

Gladys Horner still to this day, spreads love & makes a difference in all of our lives with her strength, compassion & “SPUNKY PERSONALITY”. JPAD staff feels she has been nothing but a blessing to us all!