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Frequently Asked Questions

Our community is important to us and expands outside of our facility into the homes of the families and loved ones of the elders of Jefferson Park at Dandridge. The health and well-being of you and your loved ones are very important to us. To better suit your needs, we have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions about our facility.

What's the best way to contact my loved one during their time in your community?

Residents are welcome to have cellphones during their stay at Jefferson Park.  We also have landline options available, or you are welcome to call the front office.

Am I allowed to come get my loved one for family events, holidays, or other happenings?
Short answer – Yes. However, depending on your loved one’s care regimen there may be additional procedures or regulations. Our staff will communicate these with you.
Are there visiting hours?
Recommended visiting hours are 8AM -8PM; however, our facility is open 24 hours, but we encourage visitors to be considerate of other residents if visiting during later hours.
What kind of food do you serve?
Menus are rotated on a five-week cycle. Resident favorites include a variety of meats, cornbread, potatoes, pinto beans, green beans, salads, and breakfast foods.
What activities do you have? How do you keep residents engaged?
 Our Activities Department schedules a variety of daily activities for our elders. Some include arts and crafts, music programs, cooking and exercise classes, birthday parties, themed events, pet therapy, and religious services. There are also several special events and field trips to various destinations throughout the year.
Can residents easily spend time outdoors?
A favorite feature of many of our residents is the front porch area of our legacy building. It is covered and has several rocking chairs and table areas for residents to relax and enjoy some fresh air.
What's your policy on camera use in the facility?

Jefferson Park at Dandridge does not permit the use of cameras or camera type devices, including but not limited to “granny cams,” in resident rooms anywhere in the facility. This is due to privacy concerns as well as the potential lack of control of camera feed, the potential for cameras to be hacked into it and the potential violation of privacy due to images being used in an unauthorized way. This policy is also to ensure compliance with CMS regulations which are stated below:

“Photographs or recordings of a resident and/or his or her private space without the resident’s, or designated representative’s written consent, is a violation of the resident’s right to privacy and confidentiality. Examples include, but are not limited to, staff taking unauthorized photographs of a resident’s room or furnishings (which may or may not include the resident), or a resident eating in the dining room, or a resident participating in an activity in the common area. Taking unauthorized photographs or recordings of residents in any state of dress or undress using any type of equipment (for example, cameras, smart phones, and other electronic devices) and/or keeping or distributing them through multimedia messages or on social media networks is a violation of a resident’s right to privacy and confidentiality.” (CMS Requirements of Participation 2021)

Do you have an emergency prepardeness procedure?

Yes! We do. Here’s our residents’ guide to emergency preparedness.

Thank you for choosing Jefferson Park at Dandridge for your health care needs.  We look forward to providing you with the highest quality and safest services. 

At any moment the delivery of services can be disrupted by natural disasters (blizzards, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) as well as by other types of emergency situations, such as electrical power blackouts.

The aim of this educational pamphlet is to help you understand how Jefferson Park plans for disasters. Hopefully, we will never need to use the emergency measures developed by the management staff. However, by knowing what to do and preparing ahead, one can feel secure if an emergency should occur.

Employees are trained to respond to any type of emergency.  Employees are trained during orientation, quarterly, and/or annually participating in drills and/or written materials.  While a resident at Jefferson Park, you may hear code paging which may include names for fire, severe weather, or the CPR team.  In any type of an emergency (staff will inform you if either a drill or a real emergency) our staff will provide you with instruction as to what you should do.

If you are the one to identify the emergency, report it to the nurse immediately.  If there is a fire in your room, leave the room immediately, close the door, and pull the fire alarm on the red box located hallway and go to the nurse’s station.

Residents will be instructed by the staff if an emergency occurs. Emergency Coordinators of the facility will direct residents as to the type of response needed and when to respond.  The facility has agreements with companies for additional water, supplies and medications.  The facility is equipped with an emergency generator to provide temporary power for services and equipment if there is a power failure.

Your medical file will be securely maintained.  During an emergency, it is very important that the facility staff know where you are at all times.  You will need to report to facility staff member if you leave the area.



1.   Remain calm.


2.   If/When you leave your unit, always close the door.


3.   Put safety first.  Do not take time to gather personal belongings, or get fully dressed, or put in your hearing aid, etc.  Move immediately to the nearest exit with staff assistance.


4.   Fire doors in the hallways will close automatically when the fire alarm sounds.


5.   Before passing through any door to another area of the building touch the door with the back of your hand.  If it is hot, do not enter.


6.   Always exit in the direction opposite the smoke or flame.



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