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Starting in the fall of 2017 Jefferson County Nursing Home changed our name to Jefferson Park at Dandridge.  With updated facilities, new programs and therapy equipment, enhanced technology, and expanded services, we wanted our new name to reflect the future of our organization.

We’re more than just your traditional nursing home. Our services include short term care like rehabilitation and therapy and respite care, as well as the traditional long-term care.  Jefferson Park has opened a new outpatient therapy gym and can provide patients with inpatient rehabilitation services if needed.  We strive to create a facility that is warm and as home-like as possible.  The Greenhouse homes provide elders with a non-traditional way of living in a nursing home environment.  Each home has 10 private room/bathroom combos with an open-hearth area with a fire place, kitchen, and dining area.  Taking this all into consideration, it was as if the old name didn’t reflect the growth and full-service nature our facility provides the community.

To help us with the process of renaming, we enlisted the services of a company called Smarketing that works with organizations looking to rebrand.  We met with their President, Fred Hess, and had what they call a Smarketing Analysis.  This meeting allowed us to sit down as a group to really delve into how we wanted to be different and why Jefferson Park is more than a nursing home.  We felt nursing home was old fashioned and did not convey what we were wanting to portray.  After discussing our strengths, weaknesses, and what we were foreseeing for the future, Jefferson Park at Dandridge was born.

You may be wondering why Jefferson Park at Dandridge?

  • Jefferson: We are in and proud to serve Jefferson County.
  • Park: This has a double meaning.  We are in the industrial park area in Dandridge sometimes known as “the park.”  We also wanted to elicit the feeling that a park gives you, such as safety, community, activity, and goodwill.
  • Dandridge: We wanted to help clarify where we are currently located for health professionals and the community.

We’re proud of our new name and the way it represents our facility.  We had a wonderful Grand Opening announcing our new name and showing off our new out-patient therapy facility, and it would not have been possible without our wonderful sponsors!

Though our name has changed, we have not changed who we are or the compassionate care we have always provided to our patients, residents, and elders.  Jefferson Park at Dandridge is still located at 914 Industrial Park Road in Dandridge and owned by the local county government.  Want to learn more about us?  Feel free to visit us in Dandridge, call us at 865-397-3163, or contact us online.